Badge by Tim Carson

Neu eingetroffen

Badge: It’s not the bit in the middle 
that’s important (it’s the things holding it) by Tim Carson. 

Tim Carson (quote from the e-book EUREKA!- Flashes of Genius at Friends of Carlotta ( Godfrey aka Timothy Information Limited: The Seven Ages of Person (it’s about time)
Let’s just say for a minute, and try really hard to imagine this, that the whole world is literally one big stage. 
And all the people are actors and actresses. Or is that just actors? 
The sun and moon can do lighting. The scenery is already set. 
It’s improv, so we won’t be needing the insecurities of a writer or a godlike director in charge. 
Right, this play is on average six score and ten years long. Most might get to play the full gamut of parts. Roughly seven. 
First, and probably the most fun, just blab and blub in a carefree manner for as long as you can get away with it. 
Next, the accidental learning slapstick turns into something far more monumental and satchelesque. Do try to remember some of it.
Then. CRASH BANG WALLOP. What is that? I thought that was that and but that is definitely not that. That is my new now. And again. And never again.
Fourth whence once was life and death and glory in the field, is now airconditioned with fingertipped calluses
Then you’ve made it, more and less in one piece, to be bestowed with a golden life timely wisdom award.
So, take a rest. The end of your world is nigh. Watch it all back on repeat, because it will soon be all blubbing and blabbing again. 
But this time with a different stage exit right and left.